Ukash Betting Sites

Ukash betting sitesThe evoucher service from Ukash has been taken over by the other leading evoucher business PaySafe Card. Unfortunately the old low £1.00 limits do not apply with PaySafe Card. You can still find a £5.00 bookie with many other methods though.

Bookmakers with low Ukash limits


Like all their other payment options, the Ukash deposit limit at 32Red sportsbook is £10, €10, $10 (AUS, CAD and USA). You can withdraw from a low of £10 or currency equivalent in Ukash vouchers too.

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Betting deposits using Ukash.

Ukash evouchers are a really quick and easy way to deposit funds into online sportsbooks that accept them. This payment method is also widely accepted by online poker rooms and casinos too.

The minimum amount you can deposit varies from site to site, but it is usually one of the lowest deposit amounts allowed. It can sometimes be as low as £1.00, or €1.00, as you can see is the case with Bet365.

You cannot buy the vouchers in amounts as low as that though. The lowest Ukash evoucher that you can buy either online or offline varies by country. For the U.K., the lowest I have seen is £5.00 from PayPoint stores, or £10.00 at various online sites.

Should you decide to buy a voucher for £10.00 you can still spend less than that amount at sites that accept low Ukash deposits. For example, if you had a Ukash voucher for £10.00 and wanted to deposit just £5.00 to your chosen sportsbook, you would use the 19 digit Ukash evoucher to deposit that £5.00 and you should get a new voucher from the sportsbook with £5.00 on it.

This will only work with sports sites that allow withdrawals using the Ukash system though.

Ukash Withdrawals

It is important to note that not all sports betting sites that allow Ukash deposit will also allow withdrawals back to Ukash vouchers. Those sites that do all ukash withdrawals will issue you the voucher directly, and will also refund any unused funds on the voucher that you have deposited with.

If withdrawals are not allowed then you will have to use the full amount of the voucher when makiing your deposit. So even if the minimum deposit by Ukash is less than what you have on your voucher, you won;t be able to get the remainder retuned to you.

This is even more important when it comes to getting yoru winnings. If the site does not support withdrawals by this method, then you will need to have some other payment method available to you to cash out your winnings. Those sites that do not offer withdrawals using Ukash will usually offer you bank transfer or cheque as a withdrawal option.

Where to get Ukash

Ukash phone app and debit cardYou can buy these evouchers both online and offline. The details of the stores in your country or the best online shops for your country can be found on the official Ukash Website store locator. If you choose to buy them online you will of course need an online payment method available to you, such as a credit card. If you are buying them in a physical shop then of course you can use cash.

You can also use Ukash to add funds to your Neteller account if that suits you better.

Once you have your voucher (just a 19 number PIN) you can choose to create an account on the Ukash site to manage your vouchers. You can also get a debit card associated with your Ukash account and use that just like any other debit card.

If you don’t want the hassle of having an online Ukash account you can of course use the voucher directly in any site where it is accepted.

Ukash allowed Countries

Currently players in the following countries can use Ukash; UK, Ireland, Belgium, Finland,Germany, Sweden, Luxembourg, Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Slovakia, Lithuania, Russia, Ukraine, Slovenia, Austria, Hungary, Malta, Oman, UAE, Kuwait,Bahrain, Qatar, Jordan, Malaysia, Canada, Argentina, Brazil,Colombia, Ecuador, Uruguay, Bolivia,Mexico, Australia, New Zealand,Romania, South Africa, Armenia, Algeria, Egypt, Indonesia, Uganda,Ghana, Tunisia, Morocco, Saudi Arabia.

Other Benefits of using Ukash for betting

If you choose the route of opening an online Ukash account, instead of just using the vouchers directly, then you can manage all your vouchers and your balances in that account. It takes a little bit of effort to set up your account, but once it is done it is quite useful for managing your funds.

When it comes to actually getting your hands on your cash you can cash in the voucher at any Paypoint store or other location where vouchers are accepted, making this payment method one of the easiest to use online.

Ukash Betting Sites

Page last updated on January 31, 2018