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For online gamblers, Skrill is one of the best online payment processors available. It has grown in popularity in recent years and is now accepted by most online bookmakers.

Skrill used to be called MoneyBookers a couple of years ago, and is still referred to by that name in some places. Don’t be confused; Skrill or MoneyBookers, it is the same business.

Skrill Bookies minimum deposits


Deposits at Cashpoint sportsbook start at just €1.00 using Skrill, Paysafecard and PayBox. Other available methods start at €10.00.

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Most options at Betfair sports start at £10 or €10.00 which is the lowest allowed for Skrill deposits too.

The only option that is lower is Paypal at £5.00 or €7.00.

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Skrill and gambling deposits

Skrill is one of the two most gambler-friendly online payments business out there, the other being Neteller.

They are more than gambler friendly, they are gambler focused. They will sometimes offer you special deals for depositing at online betting sites, that is how happy they are with the whole online gambling scene.

As an ewallet, this business is quite good. Fast, and relatively cheap when it comes to fees, if you are serious, or even just semi-serious about gambling online then you should consider getting yourself an account with Skrill.

It takes a bit of work to set up you account initially, you will have to link a bank account and/or a credit card to your skrill account, and you will have to provide identity documents and other security stuff, but once you are set up you should not have any problems.

And if you do have problems, of all the online payment businesses I have dealt with, Skrill has the best in customer service. That doesn’t mean that they are great by any means, but when you do deal with their customer service staff you feel like you are dealing with a real human being, unlike other services such as Paypal.

Using Skrill can be cost effective over the long run as fees on transactions both to and from online bookmakers are zero for the player. Bear in mind though that you will have to fund your account with money from your bank or credit card, which will incur a fee, which will vary depending on your bank or card provider.

Also, withdrawing your money from Skrill back to your bank account will also incur a fee, which is currently 2.95 units of your account currency. That is a flat fee, regardless of how much or how little you are withdrawing. Once you have your money in your Skrill account, and just use it to transfer to and from your online betting accounts, fees are not an issue. But if you are transferring your money back to your bank account regularly, then the fees will quickly add up.

Skrill Debit card

Bookmakers that accept SkrillYou can get a prepaid card on your Skrill account which lets you withdraw your funds from any ATM.

The cards are MasterCard branded.

That is important, as MasterCard does not like to process gambling transactions. This makes for a situation that is a little bit ridiculous.

You can use your Skrill account to fund your online gambling, and you can withdraw your winnings from your Skrill account using your debit card at any ATM – but you cannot use your Skrill MasterCard to deposit to an online gambling site.

Other than that, one other drawback with the Skrill card is that the daily limit for cash withdrawals is low, at about €250 per day. If you think that will be within your needs then this is a good service, though at that daily limit you will pay about double the transaction fees than you would with a card that has a higher daily limit, closer to the ATM limits of about €600.00.

Skrill Mobile App

Skrill BettingTheir mobile app is quite useful, though it can be a little bit annoying when you have to double log in; that may be just me though, that I am not using it correctly.

Once you have this app installed from the play store or itunes, and you have set up your 5 digit PIN number for security, it is quite useful to manage your account without having to log in using a laptop or pc.

Even if you don’t need to use your account very much, one very handy aspect of having this on your phone is the popup notification that you get when you receive a payment into your account. With that message you can see exactly how much you got paid and when it got to your account without having to login either on your computer or your phone.

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Page last updated on January 15, 2020