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Paysafecard BookmakersPaysafeCard vouchers are a quick and convenient payment method for transferring your money to an online bookmaker. This service has grown in popularity quite quickly recently, and limits are usually some of the lowest available. If you intend to use this method to fund your sports betting account you should be aware that it is common for a site that accepts PaySafecard deposits to not offer it as a cash out option.

Sites that do not let you withdraw using paysafecard vouchers that have allowed you to deposit using them will offer some other method of cashing out your winnings, though it may be limited to bank transfer or cheque withdrawal.

Bookmakers with low PaysafeCard limits


Same as all other methods, the PaySafeCard deposit limit at 32Red sportsbook is £10, €10, $10 (AUS, CAD and USA). PaySafeCard is NOT available for withdrawals from 32Red Sports.

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You can deposit from £5 pounds or €5 Euros using paySafeCrad at Paddy Power sports. Unfortunately PaySafeCard is NOT available for withdrawals here. Bank transfer is the only option for withdrawals for players that deposit using PaySafeCard.


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PaySafeCard for betting

This service is very quick and probably one of the most convenient payment methods you can use to fund your online betting, right up there with Ukash. The biggest problem with both of these methods is that many sites will not make withdrawals using these vouchers.

Some sites will allow PaySafeCard for both deposits and withdrawals, but sadly many will not allow withdrawals at this time. Hopefully that will begin to change soon.

It is important to note if your chosen bookmaker will allow this method for cashouts or not before you deposit.

If you only discover that this is not a payment option when you plan to cash out, then you will still get your money but you will have to settle for a bank transfer or a paper cheque in the post, neither of which are going to be especially fast to process.

If you choose a bookie that offers this option for withdrawals then this is a great service; quick and convenient, and very low cost.

Buying PaySafeCard Vouchers

Paysafecard voucher for bettingYou can get these vouchers both online – – and in the offline world. If you buy them online you will of course need a payment method to pay for them. In real life you can buy them in stores with cash.

The smallest voucher amount that you can buy is €5.00 or 5 of your local currency, but it may be £10.00 pounds sterling.

While this option is usually among the lowest deposit options, you should note that the maximum amount that you can deposit using this method is also usually a lot lower than the maximum allowed for other payment methods, sometimes as low as 200 currency units. This will vary according to your chosen bookmaker of course.

The real benefit to using these vouchers as an online payment method is that you do not need to even have a bank account or credit card and you can still play online. Aside from that, it can help with bankroll management if you like to set aside a set amount of funds for your online gambling and do not want to go over that limit.

You can choose to open a free online account with PaySafeCard too, which can help you manage your money if you are using multiple vouchers. You can combine a number of vouchers into one in that account too, which is a handy feature.

Speaking of features, if you have a large denomination voucher and you have made a number of deposits or purchases with it, you can easily check the available balance on the PaysafeCard site too – they have a handy too for checking voucher values here.

This payment method is as close to using cash online as is possible right now, and because you can buy them in a shop with cash and don’t have to give personal details then you will have the appearance of anonymity. But in order to open a betting account online with these vouchers there is a strong possibility that you will be obliged to prove your identity to the betting site, usually in the form of providing scans of identity document.

This procedure varies from site to site, but it is best to be prepared to prove your identity, and especially your age, if you choose to use this method of depositing to any online gambling site.

Paysafecard and gambling withdrawals

As I said above, not all bookmakers will allow you to cash out your winnings using this method. It depends on the bookmaker you choose to play with, and even though you can deposit using this option that does not automatically mean that you can withdraw using it too.

It is best to check the site you want to play at before you make your PaySafeCard deposit there.

If this option is not available for withdrawals but is available for deposits, then some other payment option will be available for cashing out. Usually this is either a bank transfer or a physical cheque sent in the post.

If withdrawal is not an option be aware that you will have to deposit the full amount of the voucher that you are using.

PaySafeCard Betting Sites

Page last updated on December 19, 2018