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Neteller is one of the most popular online wallets for sports betting. Unfortunately it is not available to bettors in the United States of America, or Turkey, but it is widely used in other countries.

Neteller Bookies deposit limits


Depositing using Neteller at 32Red Sports starts at a min. of 10 in your account currency (Pounds, Euros, and US, Canadian and Australian Dollars).

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Important points about Neteller bookie deposits

Some bookmakers will not offer any new player bonus to players depositing using Neteller. They might completely restrict it, or just restrict certain countries. This varies from site to site – some sites will actually give an extra bonus for Neteller deposits. You should check the terms on the site if the bonus is important to you.

In general, those bookies that have been used the most by arbitrage bettors will have this type of restriction on players using Neteller, and Skrill to some extent.

Those more professional punters like to use these two services to move their bankrolls quickly from site to site to take advantage of both opening offers and good value betting odds. The bookies of course know this and restrict accordingly.

In my experience the sites most likely to impose these terms are well known English based betting sites. Some European bookmakers are starting to add these terms now.

It is always best to check the terms and conditions of any bonus deal that you might like to try before you go ahead and make your deposit.

Neteller and online gambling

Aside from the above noted problem of bonus restrictions for players using Neteller at some sites, this is actually one of the most popular payment methods used by online gamblers. It is also an extremely gambler-friendly ewallet service.

Once you have your account set up and verified – and have some money in it – then it is very easy, quick and convenient to use both for deposits and withdrawals.

Neteller BookmakersYou can also get a debit card on your account, and use that to withdraw your winnings from any ATM. If you go with the Neteller debit card, called the Net+ card, you should be aware that, while you can use it like any other debit card to buy stuff online, because it is from MasterCard you won’t be able to use it to deposit to online gambling sites. I know that may seem strange, but it is true. I have the email from Neteller customer support to prove it.

Speaking of support, it is a bit better and quicker these days than it used to be. No online payment service that I have used has good customer support – not one. But at least it seems to be getting better, and the responses are a bit quicker these days.

Neteller withdrawals

Withdrawals from bookmakers to your Neteller account can be quite fast, and should hit your account at the latest within twenty four hours after you have requested the money from the bookmaker – assuming, of course, that all your documents are in order. Once you have used the service to make a deposit and a withdrawal, then it should work quite quickly and smoothly.

While they say to allow 24 hours for withdrawals, if you request your money during business hours Monday to Friday you can usually have it the same day.

As an online payment service for managing your gambling bankroll, this is certainly one of the more efficient ones to have.

if you only plan to have an occasional bet and will most likely only open one bookmakers account then this service may not be worth the effort of getting it set up.

For players with larger bankrolls, the Neteller reward program allows you to earn points on all your transactions. The points can be exchanged for cash or other items, though the value of the points is fairly low. Even so, it can be a little extra money just for using the service. The more you put through your account the better rewards you will be able to get.

Overall, despite the occasional restrictions, Neteller is a great service for any online gambler. It allows the speedy transfer of your bankroll from site to site, and the fees are reasonably low.

Foreign exchange fees can start to add up if you are regularly betting in a currency other than your own countries currency, so you should consider what sites you might be betting at before setting the currency of your account.

This payment service operates in most countries world wide, except of course for the United States of America, and Turkey. Individual bookmakers may have other country restrictions but that would be on a case by case basis.

Neteller Betting Sites

Page last updated on January 15, 2020