The Ins and Outs of Mobile Betting Apps

Just a few years ago, mobile betting was still a distant future. Of course, some online bookmakers were already experimenting with allowing mobile betting through a web browser and phone betting was always available for those who needed to bet on the go, but you really had to go through a lot of hoops just to place a bet.

Bovada Sportsbook mobile website

Mobile bookies

Times have changed quickly, however, and you’d be hard-pressed to find an online bookmaker that isn’t offering mobile betting nowadays. Some, like 32Red Sports or Bovada sportsbook, have optimized their websites in such a way that it’s now easy to access them from all sorts of mobile devices. However, many others – including Bet365 sports and BetVictor bookies – are also offering dedicated mobile apps that you can download in order to make betting on the go even easier – and this article will tell you everything you need to know about such apps.

The Advantages of Going Mobile with your betting

Before we take a closer look at what mobile apps offer, let’s consider all the advantages mobile betting has. First of all, mobile betting allows you to bet wherever you are and whenever you want. It’s an obvious point, of course, but it’s also one that’s pretty underappreciated nonetheless. For example, have you ever wanted to make your Sunday afternoon even better by betting on the game you’re planning to watch at the stadium? Well, thanks to mobile betting, you can now decide who you want to back once you get there – and you can even bet in-play and enjoy an unparalleled betting experience!

What’s more, the natural limitations of the mobile platforms mean that everything is streamlined, which is actually one of the reasons behind many players preferring mobile betting even when they have a regular desktop computer available. Just open the website of your favourite online bookie, be it Bet365 or Genting, and consider how much of the space is wasted by offers that are never going to interest you. Well, that’s never an issue when it comes to the mobile experience.

And the best thing? There’s practically nothing that you’ll be missing out on if you decide to bet on the go. Yes, that’s right – gone are the days when you couldn’t even access the statistics from within the mobile betting apps. Nowadays, you can even take advantage of the live streaming facilities and make your daily commute more bearable by watching football, tennis or cricket.

In fact, if you don’t have an account at Bet365 just yet, you can simply start by downloading their mobile app and go from there – creating an account and making the first deposit is a breeze regardless of whether you’ve got an iPhone or an Android device!

Mobile betting Apps or Mobile Betting Websites?

Mobile betting at Bet365Those who want to enjoy betting on the go can usually decide between downloading a mobile app and using the web browser on their mobile device – but, truth to be told, we can wholeheartedly recommend downloading the app whenever possible, as that’s where the superior experience tends to lie.

Firstly, dedicated mobile apps tend to be incredibly optimized, so things should be swift even if your mobile internet connection starts to do funny things. While mobile websites could start lagging in such a case, most mobile apps will have pre-loaded enough data for you to not even notice anything. This optimization is also pretty apparent once you start to examine how easy it is to navigate all the menus in mobile apps in comparison with how hard it can sometimes be on the mobile website front.

Secondly, mobile apps will always offer you additional layers of privacy and security, which is especially important in case you will ever want to do banking operations from your mobile device. Although most mobile websites are using secure protocols and should therefore be safe enough, there’s typically slightly more than that in dedicated mobile apps – and you also won’t be leaving any traces in your web browser history.

Finally, exclusive promotions typically aren’t offered for those who prefer mobile websites over mobile apps – but we’ll talk about that in more detail later on.

How to Get a Mobile Betting App

If – based on the previous paragraph – you’ve decided to go down the mobile app route, you’ll probably want to know how to get the right mobile app for your mobile device. Although you might think that a lot of this depends on the exact bookie you’re betting with, the basics tend to apply for nearly all online bookmakers out there.

Those of you with an iOS device probably already know how the Apple app store works, which means that you should have no problems finding and downloading the right app for your bookmaker. If you can’t seem to find it on the app store, your chosen online bookmaker should be able to provide you with the right link. All it takes is finding the Mobile tab at, say, Coral, who can also send you an e-mail or a text message with the right link.

While bookmakers will only give you an iTunes link for their iOS apps, things are somewhat easier for those of you who own an Android device, as you’re going to get a direct download link from your favourite bookmaker. Some – like Paddy Power – feature different apps for different products, so make sure that you download the sports betting one.

Unfortunately, many online bookmakers aren’t offering dedicated mobile apps for other devices, although there are some notable exceptions here and there. For example, those who want a mobile app for their Windows Phone or Blackberry devices will have to do with a fairly limited range. Notably, Betfair, the world’s leading exchange, are among those who offer an excellent app for Blackberries. Meanwhile, Windows Phone users can consider themselves lucky to have Bet365 at their disposal. Not only are these guys among the very best in the industry, but their mobile products also tend to run flawlessly on Windows Phone devices!

Interfaces and Functions

Mobile Betting at Coral BookiesThe number one thing that’s bound to catch your attention once you load a mobile betting app is how incredibly easy-to-use it is. We all know how hard it can sometimes be to find the right bet, as most online bookmakers seem to be intent on overwhelming us all with the various bet lists, promotions, and sometimes even casino games, but all of this is just thrown out of the window as far as most mobile betting apps are concerned.

Mobile betting interfaces are clean and made with the user experience in mind, which really is best-seen in how all the different functions get their own sections, allowing you to focus on the very one thing that you want to be doing. Once you select your picks, for example, you’ll get the entire betting slip displayed across the entire screen, so you’ll be able to review everything without all the other things getting in your way.

And don’t get us started on how easy it is to place bets using touch screen controls – the top betting offers will literally be at your fingertips!

Special Features

Fans of online betting have never had it better, with numerous excellent online bookies keen on providing them with the best possible features. However, most of all those innovative features were introduced back when mobile betting still wasn’t very popular. The question that needs to be asked is simple – which of them have already been made available for the mobile platforms?

Well, we’re happy to say that almost all of them, so let’s look at the ones that we consider to be the most important. The first of them is mobile live betting, which is now available across the board and which will surely become your best friend whenever you’re watching your favourite team on the T.V. or – even better – at a stadium.

Apart from that, most mobile apps will also grant you access to the results and statistics facilities, so you won’t have to frantically browse around all the different websites just to find the head-to-head records that we are all so desperately looking for all the time.

Finally, let us also mention the most exciting feature of them all – live streaming. Just a few years ago, mobile live streaming was simply out of the question considering how unstable mobile internet connections tended to be, but that has all changed and Bet365 are already offering live streaming for all iOS and Android devices. Plenty of events – including NHL, NBA, and Grand Slams – are available, so there will always be something exciting to watch!

Bonuses and Promotions

If what we’ve already said hasn’t gotten you interested in mobile betting just yet, you should certainly know that there are also some further incentives in the form of exclusive mobile bonuses and promotions that many bookies offer.

Many of them consist of you getting free bets or deposit bonuses as a reward for joining the ranks of those who enjoy mobile betting. One of such bookmakers are Bet365, who are offering a 100% bonus to customers – both new and existing – that decide to check their mobile offers and place a mobile bet, either from the dedicated mobile app or the mobile version of their website.

Others, like Coral, offer daily enhanced odds deals for those who bet from their mobile app, which really is something that should grab your attention and never let it go. After all, who wouldn’t want to see a new special every single day?

And no, you don’t have to worry about missing out on all the regular promotions either! Although we naturally can’t speak for every single bookie out there, we are yet to encounter one that would be running desktop-only promotions.

Mobile Apps and Banking

Before we move on and sum everything up, let’s take a closer look at how the banking works when it comes to mobile apps. After all, given how easy it is to place all your bets on the go nowadays, many of you might be considering making the jump and just not betting on a desktop anymore – or at least not nearly as often as in the past. But how are things on the banking front?

Thankfully, the vast majority of dedicated mobile apps allows you to do both deposits and withdrawals, so there really is virtually nothing that you couldn’t do on the go. We should note, however, that not all payment methods may be available from all mobile apps. However, if you’re using only the most popular ones – like credit cards – you’ll never have any issues finding your way around. Topping up your BetVictor account from a mobile app, for example, will never take you more than just a couple of minutes!

Summing Up

As you can see, there’s a lot of substance behind the constantly growing popularity of mobile betting – and most of it is down to mobile apps being so incredibly easy to use nowadays. In fact, we’re sure that you will find many of the mobile apps easier to use than all those big websites that overwhelm you with numerous features that you simply don’t want to be using all the time. With mobile apps – be it on your iPhones, Android devices or Blackberries – you’ll always be able to get straight to the point and place the bets that you want to place in no time.

What’s more, there are numerous exclusive mobile promotions to take advantage of, so, if you’re still unconvinced, we can definitely recommend heading to Bet365 or Coral and getting a truly sweet deal out of the entire experience. And don’t forget – mobile betting is worth checking out even if you’ve got a desktop computer available at virtually all times!